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SlimZest was established in 2013 with a clear mission and focus. To help everyday dieters live their best life, since then we’ve gained over 400k customers and helped them to achieve their own personal goals by providing high quality health and fitness supplements as well as a knowledge, advice and support throughout their journey.

With something for everybody we invite you to browse our product range and let us support you on your happy, healthy new lifestyle journey.

Why You'll Love us

Naturally sourced and cruelty free products.

Great tasting supplements made with real food ingredients.

Developed and made in the UK by our formulation experts.

A portion of each sale is donated to a charitable cause.

Our Product Range

The SlimZest range offers a simple, easy solution to losing weight and to help you hit your weight loss target.

Diet Shakes

High Protein

The perfect all-in-one meal replacement for your busy lifestyle. High in protein and low in carbs but still deliciously satisfying! Available in 4 flavours.

at TDNNutrition.com

Apple Cider Vinegar

Diet Capsules

Our apple cider vinegar capsules are the ideal way to feel the benefits of this fruit extract without the nasty after tastes of drinking vinegar. 

at TDNNutrition.com

Raspberry Ketone

Plus Natural Cleanse

Our best selling diet supplement combining natural raspberry fruit extract with a herbal detox multi-complex for lasting results.

at TDNNutrition.com

Garcinia Cambogia

Wholefruit Plus

A popular choice for dieters looking to suppress appetite and kill cravings. Our Garcinia also contains added essential vitamins and minerals.

at TDNNutrition.com

T5 Rapid

Fat Burners

A popular choice for dieters looking to suppress appetite and kill cravings. Our Garcinia also contains added essential vitamins and minerals.

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Konjac Root

Enjoy proven weight loss results with our Glucomannan konjac root capsules providing 3000mg per serving to help you stay full between meals.

at TDNNutrition.com

Matcha Tea

Ground Powder

Our premium grade Matcha is ground to a fine powder for a rich taste and aroma. High in antioxidants Matcha has an array of benefits.

at TDNNutrition.com

What Our Customers Say...

Absolutely amazing product! Has assisted me with my journey of losing over eight stone! However, I cannot stress enough that you must be eating a flexible diet and eating nutritious food and moving your body! These only work in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle! But my goodness do they work! Couldn't recommend more!
Jane D
Raspberry Ketone Duo
So far I’m really impressed, I’ve always been healthy ate well exercised, tried fat burners over the years etc! But for the last 12 months had no umph for the gym which has brought on boredom eating , eating wrong things etc. But this has really reduced my appetite I’ve been taking one with every meal, it’s not that it’s making me feel full as I never felt hungry I just could t stop eating biscuits etc! This has really helped!
Jess P.
Garcinia Cambogia
I only started drinking this a week ago, it tastes lovely and keeps me full. I've been drinking 2 a day, 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch and I have lost 4 pounds already so I'm very pleased.
Diet Shakes
I bought this product last month as I had been reading apple cider vinegar being good for a number of health issues,after trying this product I wasn't disappointed..it has been very good for an upset stomach..I take this everyday and would not be without it..that's why I've rated it 5 stars.
John R. H.
Apple Cider Vinegar
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