The Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo diet has been a buzz term in the health and fitness industry for quite some time now, but what does it involve, and can this approach help you create a healthy and sustainable diet? Read on to find out…

What is Paleo?

Put simply, Paleo is a caveman approach to eating. Anything processed is out, and natural foods are in. Paleo follows a ‘hunter gatherer’ style diet, which means you’ll be eating plenty of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Many of those who follow a Paleo diet forget about counting calories and instead focus on providing their bodies with essential nutrients. Paleo is a simple approach to eating well, which delivers great results for the body, both aesthetically and for health purposes.

Paleo Benefits…

There are various benefits to following a Paleo diet. From health benefits to lifestyle improvements, many people have found Paleo works perfectly to suit their needs.

Benefits include:

  • This diet relies heavily on proteins, which can help develop and maintain lean muscle mass. The body works more efficiently with a higher muscle mass, and you actually burn calories at a faster rate making it easy to sustain a lean physique.
  • Man-made fats and sugars are known to cause gut inflammation. Due to the fact that you won’t be eating processed foods and sugars, you will benefit from better gut health.
  • The Paleo diet provides all of the nourishment that the body needs, due to the fact that you can eat a wide variety of fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and proteins. You will experience better over all health, and may even seen an improvement in your energy levels, mood and skin.
  • It is easy to follow; the Paleo diet follows such simple guidelines that it makes sticking to it straight forward. There’s no calorie counting or weighing out portions, you just have to stick to eating all natural foods.
  • You can lose weight, increase energy levels and boost overall health.

Paleo Tips

If you choose to follow this cave man approach to eating, it is important to consider why you are making these changes. The Paleo diet is not suitable for anyone looking for a quick fix, and should instead be a lifestyle, to follow for better over all health for the long term.

The key to sticking to your Paleo diet is to prepare in advance. Convince food is known as convenience for a reason; because it’s easy. There’s no excuse though, because just as it’s easy to grab a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps on the go, it’s also easy to grab an apple or a handful or carrot sticks. Meal prepping can save you from reaching for something unhealthy though. Set aside your Sunday afternoon to plan your meals for the week and prep as much as you can.

Paleo can offer a great approach to nutrition, that will help you get in great shape and leave you feeling better than ever before.

A great supplement to take along side the Paleo diet is our Raspberry Ketone Pure and Natural Cleanse Plus capsules. Users have seen increases in energy and less bloating when taking this course.

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Top detox methods and why you might want to detox

Top detox methods and why you might want to detox

Naturally, our bodies detox everyday, eliminating toxins from our systems. However, after a weekend or holiday binge of all the wrong kinds of food, you may feel slightly sluggish and congested, and your body’s natural detox may just not be cutting it.

A high fiber diet with plenty of water it’s a great natural source of detoxifying the body from any build up. However, sometimes our systems just need a little cleansing boost to help flush any final toxins out of our body.

Why might you want to detox?

Detoxification, in basic terms means cleansing the blood from any impurities that your system is holding on to. Detoxifying the body can help improve your blood circulation and can help to refuel your body with the nourishment it needs.

Not only can a bad diet have serious effects on the inside of your body and can encourage weight gain, it can take a toll on the appearance of your skin. Eating processed, sugary foods can cause breakouts, acne, irritation of the skin and hollow, puffy eyes.

After detoxing your system, you will find your energy levels will rise, your skin will return to its natural clear appearance and you may also found you have lost a few pounds to! It is only human at times to binge on the things we crave, although we shouldn’t make this a habit, a healthy detox is a great way to eliminate the bad toxins from those foods, and begin by refueling our body with healthier and more nutritional options.

Top detox methods

A detox does not have to be complicated, and can be as simple as just incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Fruit and veg are a high source a fiber, which is great for your digestive track.

One of the most popular types of cleanses is a juice or smoothie cleanse. Although these are great to clear the system, they can always be very high in refined sugar.

Here at Slimzest, we stock a fantastic wide range of products that can help you get on track of restoring your body back to a healthy status. Our Natural Cleanse Plus is a safe and effective supplement, which helps to gently cleanse and clear the digestive system. Our  Natural Detox cleanse is vegetarian and vegan friendly and contains zero artificial ingredients, helping to enhance your natural wellbeing.

Alternatively, our Garcinia Detox Course combines the Natural Cleanse Detox with our Garcinia Cambogia Pure. The active ingredient has added Potassium and Calcium for maximum effectiveness for weight management and a natural dietary supplement.

Although detoxing is one of the most beneficial ways of cleansing the body, you must ensure you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of exercise to obtain the maximum results.

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Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

Carb cycling is a great way to increase fat loss, while still being able to include carbohydrates in your diet. The likes of the Atkins diet, while effective, is now outdated. Using very few carbs, the Atkins diet saw weight loss for millions, but there is a better way to utilise carbohydrates to lose weight. 

What is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling involves varying your carb intake each day, following a carefully planned week long cycle. The week is made up of low carb days, medium carb days, and high carb days and is great to induce fat loss and keep it going.

How Does Carb Cycling Work?

When we stick to a very ridged diet of a set amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats day in day out, weight loss can be difficult to achieve. When we are in a calorie deficit, weight loss will of course occur, but as your body gets used to these precise amounts day after day, weight loss will slow and often stop.

Carb cycling allows the metabolism to reset each and every week, and the high carb days are just as essential as the low and medium carb days. The concept of carb cycling actually comes from the body building industry, and is used to shift that final layer of fat before competition.

When we cut carbs down to a very low level in our diets, the metabolism slows, and stays slow, where as with carb cycling, the body is never deprived of carbohydrates for long enough to cause a lull in the metabolism, keeping it high, yet still reaping the benefits from a low carb diet.

How to Carb Cycle

Carb cycling involves increasing and decreasing your carbohydrates each day, following a plan. You want to increase your carbohydrates around 30-50 grams per day, and your low days shouldn't be less than 50g. For example, if your cycle starts on a Monday, start on a medium day of 120g, Tuesday would be 80g, and Wednesday 50g. Then you start to build your carbs back up again, with 80g on Thursday, 130g on Friday, 180g on Saturday and back down to 130g on Sunday, and then start again.

A great way to assist with your restriction of carbohydrates on your low carb days is to use the SlimZest Carb Blocker Max, which can help restrict the amount of carbs your body absorbs.  Try using the supplement on your low days, or to help you out if you do slip up.

Carb Cycling is a great way to help increase weight loss and keep it going by keeping your metabolism up, plus you get to look forward to your high carb days which almost feel like cheat days.

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The Importance Of Protein

The Importance Of Protein

Due to the excessive use of protein by body builders, many of us fear using things like protein supplements, unsure of how they will affect our bodies. The truth is, protein plays a key role in the repair and growth of our bodies, and so is essential to a healthy diet, and particularly anyone who is looking to slim down.
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5 Tips To Avoid Over Indulging This Christmas!

5 Tips To Avoid Over Indulging This Christmas!

During Christmas, it's easy to overindulge on food and drink and see your calorie intake rocket.

Sometimes the temptation of just one more mince pie or a few chocolates from off the tree can make it seem impossible to stay on track!

That's why we've created a list of 5 useful tips to help you at this fantastic time of year! 

Drink Lots Of Water

A lot of the time when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty! 

So by drinking lot's of water throughout the day, you will massively reduce the chances of overindulging. 

The recommended intake of water is 2 litres a day, so when you fancy a little snack between meals this Christmas, pour yourself a glass of water to help you resist temptation!

To go one step further, have 2 capsules of Slimzest Konjac Root Glucomannan with a glass of water before meals. 

The glucomannan expands in your stomach, enabling you to feel fuller when eating a smaller amount of food! 

Avoid Snacking

Snacking can be very difficult to resist at Christmas time and when you snack throughout the day, it is so easy to lose track of how much you have eaten!

Make sure you have healthy sized portions at mealtimes, as this will help you resist the urge of snacking later in the day. 

Another good way to avoid snacking is to make sure that snacks aren't on display and that they are out of sight and out of mind.

If you are having people over and you want to put out snacks, try mixing up the usual chocolates and crisps with bowls of nuts, or sticks of celery, carrot and peppers with a low fat dip, giving you and your guests much healthier choices.

If you are still struggling to stop yourself from snacking, try taking Slimzest Garcinia Cambogia before meals, which is designed to suppress your appetite helping you to avoid the temptation of dipping into those snacks too often!

Watch What You Drink

Although not everyone drinks alcohol, more alcohol is consumed at Christmas time than any other time of the year.

Not all alcohol contains the same amount of calories, so instead why not look to replace those high-calorie cocktails with some lower calorie options?

A Long Island Iced Tea, for example, may contain up to 700 calories, and there can be around 600 calories in a Pina Colada!

A pint of beer can contain around 200 calories and a 250ml glass of red wine can contain up to 215 calories.

A single measure (25ml) of vodka and diet coke contains between 80 - 100 calories depending on the brand, making it a lower calorie option.

The same goes for none alcoholic drinks too. Try to avoid fruit juices and look for alternatives such as diet fizzy drinks or water.

For example, a 250ml glass of orange juice can contain around 120 calories, whereas a can of Fanta Zero contains no calories.

Don't Skip Meals

It may seem very tempting to skip a meal to save up some calories for a larger meal later in the day, but actually, it makes you much more likely to overindulge.

Whenever we get overly hungry, we overeat, and when it finally comes to the big meal you've been starving yourself for, you will be so hungry that you are much more likely to overfill your plate or go back for seconds and thirds!

Limit yourself at a buffet to one plate and try to stick to it.

If you are having a large lunch, then make sure you have breakfast, if you are having a large dinner, then make sure you have lunch.

If you are looking for a low calorie and low carbohydrate meal replacement before such and occasion, why not try a Slimzest Diet Whey Shake? With each 30g serving containing 24g of protein and just 114 calories, keeping your hunger at bay and making them an ideal meal replacement shake or pre-party snack, that comes in 4 different delicious flavours!

Go For An After Meal Walk

If you do happen to overindulge this Christmas, that's okay! Try going for a walk to help burn off those unwanted extra calories.

This is a great way to get in some exercise without the hassle of trying to find time to get to the gym!

Walking straight after a meal is a great way to increase your metabolism and start burning those calories off straight away, instead of lying on the sofa.

Walking after Christmas lunch is the perfect opportunity to use this tip. You'll immediately feel less guilty about how much you ate and it will help you keep on track for the rest of the holidays.

Invite your family or friends to come with you, it could even become a yearly Christmas tradition!

If you are looking to burn off even more calories, you could take T5 rapid burner with a glass of water in the morning. T5 Rapid burner is designed to aid your resting metabolism, which will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Remember Christmas is also about enjoying quality time with your friends and family and if you do overindulge for one day, you can easily get back on track.

Check out our New Year Bundles to help reach your New Year, New You resolution to lose weight!

From everyone here at Slimzest, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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10 Ways To Burn 500 Calories

10 Ways To Burn 500 Calories

1. Get The Marigolds Out

Clean your house for 2 hours the variation of vacuuming polishing and mopping is a great full body workout and if you add some music and have a little dance whilst doing it you will burn an additional 15-30% more calories just make sure nobody is watching.

2. Cut the grass and catch some rays

Do an hour and half gardening, gardening is heavier work than cleaning the house so you will burn calories quicker in the garden as long as you don’t get tempted by an available chair and a pimms and lemonade.

3. Get out your running shoes

Go for a 45 minute jog not only will you burn calories being out in the fresh air will make you feel great.

4. Skip into shape

Get a skipping rope, skipping at a moderate pace will burn around 500 calories in 45 minutes and if you don’t fancy jogging it’s a great alternative.

5. Strike back at fat

Go bowling 2 hours of bowling soon flies by and burns 500 calories as long as you are not over indulging with refreshments whilst you are there.

6. Pump some iron

Most people assume cardio is the best way to burn calories but actually lifting weights is a great alternative and can get you toned quicker burn 500 calories in around 1hour 15 mins pumping iron.

7. Strum away the pounds

Playing the guitar for just two hours makes you feel like a rockstar and burns 500 calories if you were to play the guitar for two hours a day 5 days a week you could lose and extra pound of fat per week and not even break into a sweat.

8. Get Rowing

Row on a rowing machine or if you are lucky an actual rowing boat and you will burn 500 calories in just 1 hour.

9. Lose Pounds Shopping

Most people don’t need an excuse to go shopping but If you do here is a great one. Everyone knows that shopping is a great way to lose £££s but it’s also great for burning calories you will burn 500 calories in just 2 hours 15 mins shopping welcome to fitness eutopia.

Last but not least...

10. Do Nothing

To put things in perspective you will burn 500 calories in 7.5 hours if you just sit and do absolutely nothing not really a great way of speeding up your goals but it may suit some people just don’t expect results to quickly taking this approach to your new lifestyle.

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5 Ways to Increase Fat Burn

5 Ways to Increase Fat Burn

When it comes to slimming down and reducing body fat, it isn't just about calories in VS calories out. Whilst, of course this is key to achieving results, there is a science behind weight loss, and various ways in which you can boost your fat burn.
November 01, 2016 by SlimZest Blog