5 Tips To Avoid Over Indulging This Christmas!

During Christmas, it's easy to overindulge on food and drink and see your calorie intake rocket.

Sometimes the temptation of just one more mince pie or a few chocolates from off the tree can make it seem impossible to stay on track!

That's why we've created a list of 5 useful tips to help you at this fantastic time of year! 

Drink Lots Of Water

A lot of the time when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty! 

So by drinking lot's of water throughout the day, you will massively reduce the chances of overindulging. 

The recommended intake of water is 2 litres a day, so when you fancy a little snack between meals this Christmas, pour yourself a glass of water to help you resist temptation!

To go one step further, have 2 capsules of Slimzest Konjac Root Glucomannan with a glass of water before meals. 

The glucomannan expands in your stomach, enabling you to feel fuller when eating a smaller amount of food! 

Avoid Snacking

Snacking can be very difficult to resist at Christmas time and when you snack throughout the day, it is so easy to lose track of how much you have eaten!

Make sure you have healthy sized portions at mealtimes, as this will help you resist the urge of snacking later in the day. 

Another good way to avoid snacking is to make sure that snacks aren't on display and that they are out of sight and out of mind.

If you are having people over and you want to put out snacks, try mixing up the usual chocolates and crisps with bowls of nuts, or sticks of celery, carrot and peppers with a low fat dip, giving you and your guests much healthier choices.

If you are still struggling to stop yourself from snacking, try taking Slimzest Garcinia Cambogia before meals, which is designed to suppress your appetite helping you to avoid the temptation of dipping into those snacks too often!

Watch What You Drink

Although not everyone drinks alcohol, more alcohol is consumed at Christmas time than any other time of the year.

Not all alcohol contains the same amount of calories, so instead why not look to replace those high-calorie cocktails with some lower calorie options?

A Long Island Iced Tea, for example, may contain up to 700 calories, and there can be around 600 calories in a Pina Colada!

A pint of beer can contain around 200 calories and a 250ml glass of red wine can contain up to 215 calories.

A single measure (25ml) of vodka and diet coke contains between 80 - 100 calories depending on the brand, making it a lower calorie option.

The same goes for none alcoholic drinks too. Try to avoid fruit juices and look for alternatives such as diet fizzy drinks or water.

For example, a 250ml glass of orange juice can contain around 120 calories, whereas a can of Fanta Zero contains no calories.

Don't Skip Meals

It may seem very tempting to skip a meal to save up some calories for a larger meal later in the day, but actually, it makes you much more likely to overindulge.

Whenever we get overly hungry, we overeat, and when it finally comes to the big meal you've been starving yourself for, you will be so hungry that you are much more likely to overfill your plate or go back for seconds and thirds!

Limit yourself at a buffet to one plate and try to stick to it.

If you are having a large lunch, then make sure you have breakfast, if you are having a large dinner, then make sure you have lunch.

If you are looking for a low calorie and low carbohydrate meal replacement before such and occasion, why not try a Slimzest Diet Whey Shake? With each 30g serving containing 24g of protein and just 114 calories, keeping your hunger at bay and making them an ideal meal replacement shake or pre-party snack, that comes in 4 different delicious flavours!

Go For An After Meal Walk

If you do happen to overindulge this Christmas, that's okay! Try going for a walk to help burn off those unwanted extra calories.

This is a great way to get in some exercise without the hassle of trying to find time to get to the gym!

Walking straight after a meal is a great way to increase your metabolism and start burning those calories off straight away, instead of lying on the sofa.

Walking after Christmas lunch is the perfect opportunity to use this tip. You'll immediately feel less guilty about how much you ate and it will help you keep on track for the rest of the holidays.

Invite your family or friends to come with you, it could even become a yearly Christmas tradition!

If you are looking to burn off even more calories, you could take T5 rapid burner with a glass of water in the morning. T5 Rapid burner is designed to aid your resting metabolism, which will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Remember Christmas is also about enjoying quality time with your friends and family and if you do overindulge for one day, you can easily get back on track.

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From everyone here at Slimzest, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


December 13, 2016 by SlimZest Blog
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