5 Ways to Increase Fat Burn
When it comes to slimming down and reducing body fat, it isn't just about calories in VS calories out. Whilst of course this is key to achieving results, there is a science behind weight loss, and various ways in which you can boost your fat burn.

Various methods are fairly easy to interoperate into your lifestyle, and some take a little more commitment. Give the following fat burning methods a go and see what difference they can make:

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a well known method to increase fat burn. When we push the muscles in our bodies we rev up our metabolism for up to 48 hours after training, meaning we burn more calories than we would if we didn't weight train. What's more is the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body uses just to function, meaning you burn more calories each and every day, even when your body is just at rest.

Try adding in a few weight training sessions into your regime each week to reap the fat burning benefits.

High Protein

A diet high in protein is key to weight loss. Firstly if you do choose to weight train, it is essential to the repairing and recovery process as your body needs protein to repair the muscles. Secondly protein can help to reduce your appetite, as well as helping to boost calorie burn. Studies show that a meal high in protein keeps us fuller for longer, and also takes more energy from our bodies to digest, meaning you'll be less likely to snack and over eat, and you can also up your calorie burn a little.


A really simple way to increase fat burn is to introduce supplements into your daily diet. We recommend the T5 Rapid Fat Burner as it's a completely natural supplement, containing ingredients that can help increase fat burn, as well as help with mental focus, which is ideal if you are also exercising as part of your weight loss plan.

When added to the daily diet, the T5 Rapid Fat Burner can increase weight loss results, with many customers being able to see the difference after just a few days using the all natural supplement.

Green Tea

Green Tea is well known for its health benefits, and has been used for thousands of years as a natural health remedy. It is also a favourite of dieters and fitness fanatics, due to its ability to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burn. Try five cups a day. In swapping out your milky tea or coffee for green tea you'll be saving calories too.

Spicy Food

The fifth and final fat burning boost is spicy food. Easy incorporated into the diet, by adding spice to meals you can rev up your metabolism for an extra fat burning kick. Try adding ground spaces such as cayenne pepper, or jalapeños to meals to get your body working that little bit harder for you.

Whether you want to use all of these methods together, or try a few alone, all of the above can help you meet weight loss goals. Start your journey today to reveal a slimmer, fitter and more toned physique.