Top detox methods and why you might want to detox

Naturally, our bodies detox everyday, eliminating toxins from our systems. However, after a weekend or holiday binge of all the wrong kinds of food, you may feel slightly sluggish and congested, and your body’s natural detox may just not be cutting it.

A high fiber diet with plenty of water it’s a great natural source of detoxifying the body from any build up. However, sometimes our systems just need a little cleansing boost to help flush any final toxins out of our body.

Why might you want to detox?

Detoxification, in basic terms means cleansing the blood from any impurities that your system is holding on to. Detoxifying the body can help improve your blood circulation and can help to refuel your body with the nourishment it needs.

Not only can a bad diet have serious effects on the inside of your body and can encourage weight gain, it can take a toll on the appearance of your skin. Eating processed, sugary foods can cause breakouts, acne, irritation of the skin and hollow, puffy eyes.

After detoxing your system, you will find your energy levels will rise, your skin will return to its natural clear appearance and you may also found you have lost a few pounds to! It is only human at times to binge on the things we crave, although we shouldn’t make this a habit, a healthy detox is a great way to eliminate the bad toxins from those foods, and begin by refueling our body with healthier and more nutritional options.

Top detox methods

A detox does not have to be complicated, and can be as simple as just incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Fruit and veg are a high source a fiber, which is great for your digestive track.

One of the most popular types of cleanses is a juice or smoothie cleanse. Although these are great to clear the system, they can always be very high in refined sugar.

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Although detoxing is one of the most beneficial ways of cleansing the body, you must ensure you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of exercise to obtain the maximum results.