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What are supplements?

Supplements are intended to supplement a healthy diet not to replace it. They are generally made up of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other dietary ingredients. They usually come in tablet, capsule, or liquid form. They can be taken to promote vitality and general health, some are for enhancing sports performance and target a specific area of the body. Supplements can be taken at different times of the day you should always read the label and stick to the instructions as all supplements vary, some work immediately others take time to get into your system, some are taken at bedtime others before exercise.

All SlimZest products are manufactured here in UK you are safeguarded by the highest standards in the world other supplements may not be made to this high standard and may be of inferior quality It is important that you look for high quality products from reputable companies to reduce the risk of taking a supplement that contains undeclared contaminant or hidden ingredients.How quickly should I see results? 

How quickly should I see results?

This depends on how much fat or weight you have to lose, and since everybody is different some people may experience fast weight loss, while others it may be slow and steady, also the diet program you are following, and of course exercise. For the best results we recommend keeping a diet plan, eat healthily, drink 2 litres of water a day, you should lose at least 2 lb per week. Weigh yourself once a week first thing in the morning on the same day. Doing regular exercise will accelerate your weight loss.You will soon reach your weight loss goal.With any weight loss supplement you should give it up to 4 weeks of continuous use before you can expect to see or feel any significant change in appearance or body weight reduction.

Can I take SlimZest supplements if I think I am pregnant?

No. Our supplements are not for use for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Can I take multiple SlimZest supplements at the same time?

Yes. However we only recommend taking supplements we have coupled together on our website as a course, if they are not available to buy together on our website it may be because we do not recommend them to be taken together.

Can SlimZest supplements cause side effects?

As with all supplements certain side effects can occur, however due to the nature of SlimZest products only containing natural ingredients side effects are minimal and extremely rare.

Where are SlimZest supplements made?

All Slimzest supplements are manufactured and packed in the UK. Professionally formulated and lab tested using only the highest quality ingredients. (GMP and IOS2000-9001)standards.What if I do not like the supplements I purchase? 

What if I do not like the supplements I purchase? 

Unlike most supplement providers we offer a 60 day no hassle money back guarantee policy, simply post back your remaining supplements and we will issue a full refund no questions asked.

Can I take SlimZest supplements with other medication? 

We strongly advise any individual taking other medical to consult their GP before taking any of our supplements. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medication.

Can I purchase SlimZest supplements outside the UK? 

Yes, we currently ship to most countries. We charge an additional shipping rate of £5 on all international orders. At this time we do not ship to the USA or Canada.